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I’m Alex and I help businesses like yours to make sure your inclusiveness of transgender and non-binary people actually shows in your business.

I know this matters to you because you want your business to be inclusive and a safe place!

But you might be struggling with terminology, not knowing how to talk about things or you’re not sure how to make being inclusive come naturally.

I’ve been helping people understand transgender and non-binary people for most of my life and I absolutely love it! Being trans myself, I have a unique viewpoint into how you can make your business more inclusive and create a safe space for open discussion.

I can help you create a business that’s inclusive and to apply the knowledge in the real world!


Inclusify Your Business

4-week one-to-one coaching programme to make sure your whole business is inclusive, starting from the basic foundations.


Inclusivity Session

75 minutes of deep diving into a specific topic you need sorted. This can be anything from finding how your values show in your business to looking at a specific offer or website. £145/session.


30-minute Free Chat

Not sure if I can help you? Or maybe you have a specific question in mind? Then this is exactly what you need!

These are FREE 30-minute sessions where you get to ask the questions.


Free Resources


WHO is this dude?

I’m Alex and I’m here to help you feel confident working with transgender and non-binary people and to show you how to naturally implement your knowledge into your business.

Because you DO want to help transgender and non-binary people. You want them as your clients. But you're not sure if your business really reflects that.

Is your website inclusive? Does your copy come across the way you want it to? Does your marketing language give the right image?

Or maybe you're not sure how to apply your knowledge in the real world with transgender/non-binary clients?

I want you to learn these things (and more!) and I want you to feel confident about working with transgender and non-binary people.

Because they’re my people. And they deserve to be seen and heard and validated. And YOU deserve to feel confident and comfortable working with them. So, really, it’s a win-win situation.

You want to work with me, because
• I know what it’s like having to explain and educate when you’re supposed to be the one getting help. (NOT cool!)
• I’ve been educating people on gender (and sexual) minorities most of my life. And I love doing it!
• I’ve got you. And making mistakes is part of the process.
• You want to learn in an open and warm environment.
• You want to ask questions, but you don’t know who to ask them from without getting the side-eye.

So, if you’re ready to take your business a massive leap forward in making it inclusive while feeling confident in doing it, get in touch today!

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